Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monster Hand Puppets!

I recently participated in a box exchange on a group I belong to on facebook. Box Love B/S/T is a place where people who subscribe to subscription boxes can buy, sell or trade their items with other people who also love sub boxes! Because we all love getting surprise boxes in the mail every month we recently did a box exchange with each other. One of our awesome group members was kind enough to organize everything by getting our information, what we would like in our box and what we wanted to send out. I was paired with another mom, however most others did not have the same person that had them. I had "C" and she has two little boys. I decided to make them a couple hand puppets to include in their trade box from Sophistication as I have seen so many "Monster" theme'd things this summer that are popular for kids recently.  These are really simple to make whether you crochet or knit.  Take a basic mitten pattern and add extra "thumbs" for the extra arms.  Easy peasy :-)  Enjoy

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