Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Project #1: Toy Storage

One of my summer projects was building toy storage for Sophistication.  I am still amazed at how great it turned out!  The final project measures 14"H x 22"D x 48"L.  We decided to do a larger compartment in the middle to hold larger items like Sophistication bowling set, guitar and other toys.  I also thought that this would be good for when she gets older and can be utilized as shoe storage.  Boots and sneakers in the middle, heals and flip flops on the sides, was my thinking.  I cheated by buying pre-sanded wood at Lowe's to save on time and sacrificed money.  The total length was determined by me not wanting to have to cut the wood length by 6 inches to match the book shelf that I wanted to sit on top of the toy storage, also laziness.

List of items I used:
2   4ft x 20inch pre-sanded wood panel:             $15.94 each
2   4ft x 12inch pre-sanded wood panel:             $11.94 each
1   4 ft x 6 inch pre-sanded wood panel:             $9.76
1   8ft x 1 inch interior corner molding:                $2.98
1   quart Mahogany Flame stain (over half left!):  $16.48
1   quart fast drying Polyurethane:                       $10.77
4   Dollar store paint brush 3 pack
     Gorilla Glue (on hand)
     1 1/4 inch screws  (something like this here)  not sure exactly WHAT my hubby used but this is what they LOOK like.

Total cost:  around $100 (due to having NO clue what hubby spent on screws)

I found similar toy storage's for the same or even more in cost.  One here is smaller in length and would not work for what I wanted it to do.  Same with this one.  Even though I paid a similar cost to hand build our storage, it's something that Sophistcation will be able to know as she grows that mommy and daddy made it for her.  Another reason I love our design!

We chose the color to match the book case I wanted to stack on it.  I have had this book shelf since I was a child.  One other thing we have "planned" is to make a flip top lid for the storage using another piece of 4 ft x 20 inch wood (un-purchased thus far) and piano hinges.  I will also need to purchase more polyurethane as we used the ENTIRE quart!    Now your wondering where the second 20 inch width panel went that I already purchased.  Well I had Lowe's cut it into 12 inch sections for the side walls.  My cousin cut the angles on the now 12 inch x 20 inch sections for me as I do not own the tools (also remember above... I'm lazy!)  At this point my husband decided he was going to "put" it together himself so it would be "Our" project and not "My" project.  He pre-drilled all the screw holes and did the "sinks" for the top of the screws.  I MADE him gorilla glue between the panels so no dust and dirt and toy junk would get in between the sections and to make for easier cleaning in the future.  Then one coat of stain, 5 coats of poly then voila! it's done!  I hope you enjoy my little project. :-)

Post contains links to where I purchased materials myself.  Prices and availability subject to change.  I received NO compensation for this post.  IF you stack items like shelves PLEASE remember to use wall mounts so your little one can NOT pull it down on themselves!  Safety first!

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