Friday, July 19, 2013

Munchit Subscription Box Review Week 2!

Banana Split!  Yum!

There's a new Subscription Box on the block and I happened to receive my second box this week.  Munchit is a box of snacks that are delivered to your door once a week for only $3.58!  This includes shipping!

Included in your box is an all natural food snack mix of your choice.  You can pick one or more varieties so you can be surprised on which one you get.   There are currently 10 flavor combinations with what looks like more to come.  Your snack mix comes in a two portion container.  I received  Banana Split and it is a concoction of Banana coins, butter toffee almonds and honey roasted peanuts.  I normally do not enjoy almonds but I LOVED these!

My only complaint is that the mix you receive is supposed to be a two serving size.  I would personally prefer the portion to be a one serving size at a specific calorie count instead of different calories depending on the mix.  After thinking about it for some time this week, I think somewhere between 200 to 250 calories would be a good portion.  This is considering the fact that there is NO way I could only eat half of what arrives as it's just THAT YUMMY!

First Look
 Next, make your choices for hot and iced teas.  There are ten hot tea flavors and five iced tea flavors to choose from.  Your box will contain one of either hot or cold.  I received Twinings Green Tea with Mint Iced Tea and was able to make a few cups of tea out if it as I don't like mine brewed very long.

 Choose your all natural treat next!  There are several different hard candies as well as a couple chocolates.  I received the Organic Cherry Hard Candy. It was quite yummy!  This one is not listed on the website however I clicked surprise me! :-) Now if I only had 2 or 3 in the box to have on another day.
 Lastly you get all natural gum.  The gum is Xylitol based.  There are four little squares of gum in the box which I used two at a time last week but haven't used them this week as I'm on vacation.

Thank you Tim for my wonderful box!
All in all I really did love everything in this box.  I wish I could get the snack mix in bulk!  Or even order multiples of just the snack mix to toss into my husbands and my lunches.

Munchit can be found on their Facebook Page Here or on their website Here!

  I received this box for free as there was a computer glitch with "Fred" the Munchit billing computer.  There was a cute little note included in my box that you can see in the First Look photo explaining what happened.  However, I loved it.  I can not say if Sophistication loved it as it arrived during her nap time and mommy didn't share!  All opinions are my own and even though I did receive this box free from Munchit, I was not influenced by the free product and I would never recommend anything to anyone that I would not, myself, use or that I felt was not worth spending money on. 

I've suspended my subscription for a few weeks while I'm on vacation to preserve freshness but I will start up again mid-August so be on the lookout for more reviews!

Munchit only delivers to some states at this time.  They can be found here.

P.S. I added up the shipping on the box and it's $2.41!  Wow! That's crazy when they charge nothing for shipping!

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