Monday, September 24, 2012

Crappy Mom? Why Sure!

There's a lovely group of bloggers out there currently writing "Crappy Mom" blogs.  I saw them and thought I'd join in. Thank you Jen @ Life with Levi for all your thoughts and blogs.  I am proud to say that I am a Crappy Mom too!  Here are some reasons why I'm a Crappy Mom! :-)

Why I'm a Crappy Mom

I breastfeed Sophistication

I use disposable diapers

I hug her several times a day

I give her kisses all the time and will until the day I die, even when she pushes me away

I plan on homeschooling her
I use organic products when I can afford them but don't loose sleep if I don't

I let her eat off the floor ~  A little dirt never hurt

I will let her play outside

She has already played with water straight from a hose and will continue to do so

I let her play with my phone even though it goes wonkey when she does

I follow regular vaccinations

I forget to disinfect her toys before she plays with them

I co-sleep

I walk out of the room to go potty and come back in the room and shes has puffies everywhere... I let her eat them anyways...

I use words like tinkle and potty in adult conversations

She is rear-facing in her car seat and I will continue to do so for as long as possible

When I come home from work I run to go get her instead of going potty, even though I've usually had to go for over an hour... ( and yes even when I point it out to myself I still use the word potty)

I swear in front of her when I stub my toe

I let her play with her toothbrushes hoping that when she gets older she won't fight me on brushing her teeth

I cry when she "hits" me instead of saying no

I save the word "no" for big scary things

I let her pull all the DVD's off the shelf and play with them... then spend an hour after she goes to bed re-organizing them

I let her watch Glee and Dancing with the Stars with me even though they are on past her "bedtime"

I let her stay up until 2 if she wants so she will sleep until 10

I teach her about God, however I also teach her about other versions of God

She will be brought up Christian, however have a healthy dose of Jewish and a little Buddhist thrown in too to teach her tolerance

She gets Hanuka and Christmas ~ Thanks Grandma Sue!

Her favorite Aunt is a lesbian and I couldn't be more proud of her!

I grumble and grouch when she wakes me up at 5am even though she didn't go to sleep until 11

I work second shift as a server to pay the bills

My husband and I live in two different states and visit each other when we can afford too otherwise we Skype

My husband returned to University to finish his degree for our daughter so he misses stuff so I get to take lots and lots and lots of pictures and video :-)

Sophistication has over 10 gigs of pictures and video taken of her already and shes not even 1!  This will be interesting when she's an adult

I put my blog on hold because she comes first in everything

I have lots of blog ideas but no time to accomplish them being a single mom of an almost toddler that does not have a regular sleep schedule

This blog took me 5 days to type up with several interruptions including an 8 hour ER stay for me and I don't care

And last but not least I enjoy when my husband tosses her in the air even though I'm terrified that he'll miss her because it brings them both such great JOY

These are some of the many reasons why I'm a crappy mom and I'm damn proud of them.  I'm sure I forgot some things but it was nice writing them down too...   I love my family!  Hey there's another one! < 3

Saturday, September 1, 2012

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