Our Favorite's!

As you can see Spaghetti is a current favorite!  I couldn't choose just one photo as I loved them all! :-)

Gerber Graduates Arrowroot Cookies are a current MUST in our home as Sophistication is hard at work breaking in her two top teeth!  as well as her Teething Bling! by Smart Mom Jewelry.  I can not go anywhere without these for her.  8/10/12

We Love B-Inspired Mama's blog!  If you haven't already checked it out definitely head on over immediately!  This blog is probably the main incentive I had to start blogging in the first place.  I met Krissy in person before I ever got to check out her blog and she is such a sweet, kind person.  I hope you enjoy getting lost in her blog posts as much as I do! :-) 

Periodically I will add a new link or picture of what is currently Sophistication's favorite "thing" ! Today it was mommy's hair! :-)

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