Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Auto Awesome with Google Android Photo Backup!

 For those of you who are not android users, you may not realize that android automatically backs up your photos. 
Well, when your phone backs up those pictures there is a NEW surprise in store for you. 
Auto Awesome is a new tool used to create fun extra photos for you. 
Auto Awesome, automatically makes Mix Photo's like seen on the left. 
It also makes Motion photos out of 5 or more photos taken in succession.  I love this new motion animation of Sophistication! 

There are also a few other options but I have not taken any pictures that prompt these Auto Awesome options.  These include HDR (High Dynamic Range), Smile (merging photos of groups with the best smile) and Pano ( a series of photos with overlapping landscape views into one panoramic image.)

I love these new animations and mix photos.  I wonder when I'll actually be able to use the other options though ;-) 
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~ Dee  a.k.a. Sophistications Mom

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