Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I can't decide on a set! Help me pick Sophistication's Skip Hop set!

In a couple days Sophistication will be 10 months old.  This made me realize that I need to start shopping for her first birthday.  We all want to make our babies first birthdays memorable.  I keep looking at blogs, lists and advice on what to get her for her birthday.  She does not need clothing, toys or books.  The reason she doesn't need books is I already owned too many to count from my childhood and she belongs to a book club already.  I found Skip Hop through Citrus Lane.  I love their luggage, backpacks and lunch-bags.  The only problem is I can NOT decide which ones to get.  Therefore I am taking advice from others.  I picked out sets that I like and just can not decide which one to get.   Group A is the Bee/Ladybug/Frog combination.  Group B is the Dog/Cat/Mouse.  and Group C is a mix of 5 and I can only choose three so there is even more flexibility there.  The Monkey is a must for Group C, as it is the only one offered in the luggage but I still need to narrow down two out of the Zebra/Elephant/Giraffe/Hippo choices.  Let me know what you think and after Sophistication's 1st Birthday you'll find out which set was chosen.  :-)   Thanks for the help and input.  < 3 

If you would like to view the other options click on the links below to see all the 
choices available from Skip Hop.

Skip Hop Backpacks  $20

Skip Hop Luggage  $ 38

Skip Hop Lunch Bags  $14

Oh and I have a 25% off total purchase coupon that I want to utilize which is why I want to get all three at once.

Friday, August 10, 2012

We have top teeth!

 We have top teeth that have finally broken through!

Sophistication stole mommy's corn on the cob.  Took her a few minutes but she figured out how to munch on it... at least for a minute or two.... :-)

Disliking Blogger's Mobile App

So I have been attempting to publish my recent blogs through the mobile app for Android and some how have messed my ENTIRE page up!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am unsure how this happened and all of the posts I thought I had posted either disappeared into the ether or are saved as drafts.  

The only reason I can think that this has happened is that I just received a new mobile and still had the old one activated for blogger as I sometimes use it on WiFi around the house.  The camera on my old phone is decent and I use it near water so if it gets ruined I don't care as it is not my "good" aka new phone.  So here's to hoping I get everything fixed in the next day or soo as I've messed up many many things... :0/

Thanks for bearing with me! :-)

Dee aka Sophistication's Mom!