Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spencer Picnic 2013

This past week was our local fair.  I had to share some adorable pictures that I took the two days that we went.

Sophistication was technically big enough to ride on the rides this year.  However, I did not let her go on any as I was afraid she would try to get out or cry the whole time.  She's not even two yet but she seems like she is older until she doesn't! :-)

She had fun watching all the people, walking around and visiting all the booths and eating some great fair foods.

In the picture at the top, she is eating fluff and trying to get me to eat it too.  I caught the picture just at the right moment that she made a funny face while eating and just HAD to share it.

In the pictures on the right you'll see where she gets the funny faces from.  She's just like her daddy!  She also had a great time hanging with Papi so I could eat.

If you'd like a little history on our town you can visit the official Spencer Picnic website at

There is also a video from 1991 that I am in!  I'm not going to tell you where I'm at in the video but I am there!  They need to save it to a different format or load it to YouTube because there is NO skipping ahead in the movie :(  This can be found HERE.

While we were in the park Sophistication found the joy of slides.  I took a short video and some stills because it was just so cute.  I love the look of pure joy on her face.  When we went back a few days later she remembered where the slides were and wanted to keep going down them and even tried to climb the hill to get to it on her own.

We made some great memories by taking a few hours to just stop and enjoy our day with each other instead of stressing over all the little things that have happened this summer.

I hope your enjoying that last few days of summer before the fall hits us.  I know we are!

~ Dee

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