Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I can't decide on a set! Help me pick Sophistication's Skip Hop set!

In a couple days Sophistication will be 10 months old.  This made me realize that I need to start shopping for her first birthday.  We all want to make our babies first birthdays memorable.  I keep looking at blogs, lists and advice on what to get her for her birthday.  She does not need clothing, toys or books.  The reason she doesn't need books is I already owned too many to count from my childhood and she belongs to a book club already.  I found Skip Hop through Citrus Lane.  I love their luggage, backpacks and lunch-bags.  The only problem is I can NOT decide which ones to get.  Therefore I am taking advice from others.  I picked out sets that I like and just can not decide which one to get.   Group A is the Bee/Ladybug/Frog combination.  Group B is the Dog/Cat/Mouse.  and Group C is a mix of 5 and I can only choose three so there is even more flexibility there.  The Monkey is a must for Group C, as it is the only one offered in the luggage but I still need to narrow down two out of the Zebra/Elephant/Giraffe/Hippo choices.  Let me know what you think and after Sophistication's 1st Birthday you'll find out which set was chosen.  :-)   Thanks for the help and input.  < 3 

If you would like to view the other options click on the links below to see all the 
choices available from Skip Hop.

Skip Hop Backpacks  $20

Skip Hop Luggage  $ 38

Skip Hop Lunch Bags  $14

Oh and I have a 25% off total purchase coupon that I want to utilize which is why I want to get all three at once.


  1. So you want the money luggage for sure? But need to figure out which backpack & lunchie?

    1. Monkey luggage if we get set C. I can't decide which set of the three.

  2. Monkey luggage if we get set C. I can't decide which set of the three.